Thu 11 Sep 2014

Parents willing to move house to secure school places

Family homes are being sacrificed to meet school catchment criteria.

New research has shown that parents are going to extreme lengths in order to ensure their children secure a place at primary school, with some even willing to move house to get them into a good one.

A poll by Confused.com showed that a staggering 29 per cent have moved home specifically to be in the catchment area for a good school, while 24 per cent would consider renting a second home to put themselves within the appropriate radius.

However, with parents willing to pay an average of £19,000 more for a house in the catchment area for a good school, this could be pushing prices up so high that it might be cheaper to send them to private school in the long run.

Confused.com's Gareth Lane said: "Choosing the right school for your child is possibly one of the most important decisions a parent will make. However, it's concerning that inflated house prices could be impacting choices for children in education."

Parents might also want to consider a recent discovery by Ocean Finance, which revealed that 35 per cent of Britons believe moving home is as stressful as the break-up of a relationship.

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